Tinting system

In the past, colours were created and handmade by artisans, which enabled custom shades to be produced. Today, this is carried out by automatically by a tinting machine. This machine makes it possible to create customized colours, to the specifi cations of those who wish to produce a shade and, generally but not necessarily, starting from a colour chart. In addition to the most common colours, the tinting machine can also produce truly unique colours, which can satisfy your creativity and needs. The tinting machine is an extremely useful and now indispensable tool for many professionals, who can off er their customers a complete and personalized service while optimizing storage costs. SD COLOR has chosen Corob, one of the leading companies in the sector, as a partner.

  • 16-paste colour tinting system for water- and solventbased products
  • 24-paste colour tinting system for water- and solventbased products, wood stain and professional outdoor
  • Tinting machines with the highest quality standards and colour precision
  • Colouring pastes with a very high colouring capacity and resistance to weathering
  • Possibility of installing a spectrophotometer for reading and developing the colour directly at the paint retailer
  • Continuous updating of formulas